“Travel through the Land so their Hearts may learn wisdom”


Chittar Ride 2

  Took a second ride to Chittar , this time again was mainly for the fired fish, but also a treat from my side to two of my good friends Benet and Biju. We wanted to get together since I was to shift my residence , and be leaving soon .     Passing through … Continue reading Chittar Ride 2

Kanur Drive

When you have more of down’s than up’s in life, stress anxiety and self-doubt clouds your thoughts. You tend to concentrate on the down’s more and you don’t realize the amazing things life already has to offer that you can be grateful for. A couple of months back, took a drive to Kannur the Northern part … Continue reading Kanur Drive

Kochi-Muziris Biennale

This was my 1st Biennale, and boy was I excited about it. Anwar my friend, who had already been here a few weeks, told me I shouldn’t miss this. So one weekend headed out to Kollam, and from there we drove back to Kochi in his car. We started out early morning, destination to Fort … Continue reading Kochi-Muziris Biennale

The Certificate run

A 3 days of travel and photo shoot at Kabani , combined in to the purpose of MFA certificate inquiry 🙂  (scroll down)  

Chittar Ride

  Just a one-day ride. My batch mate Benet from MFA course, told me of this nice little simple joint where, they serve the freshest of Fish, along with the traditional Kerala” Meals” (Rice with vegetables) On the way we were to meet another batch mate and good friend of ours Biju at Karakonam ,  , … Continue reading Chittar Ride

Riding to take Mark -II

Got a contract project working at my former studio, so I needed have my own transportation there to commute, so decided to take Mark 2 (my Royal Enfield Electra 350) over there. This also would be a ride opportunity for me and my friend Anwar; we set off around at 3:00 pm on Saturday from my home. I … Continue reading Riding to take Mark -II