Pondicherry shoot

A visit to Pondicherry , turned to day’s video shoot

Pondicherry shoot : Day 1

Pondicherry: – The last time I was at Pondi was towards the last leg of the Hyderabad Ride. My friend and co traveler had a workshop to attend to this year. So I tagged along to get some street shots done which┬áI wanted to do during Hyderabad Ride. We had to change our travel plans … Continue reading Pondicherry shoot : Day 1

Pondicherry shoot :Day 2

It was almost 5 in the morning when Anwarka woke me up. We had reached Pondicherry and the bus was moving to its last stop at Pondicherry. The morning seemed a bit chilled but not something that would make you feel cold. We got the packs of books out of the storage bin, and tried … Continue reading Pondicherry shoot :Day 2

Pondicherry shoot :Day 3

      We walked back to the Retreat where the doctors went for their meeting while me and Shruti say down to compile clips they had taken for the script.   Around at 11:00 Anwarka called for coffee break, met some more members of the Sanjeevan Palliative Group. Got introduced to Dr.Suguna- the jovial … Continue reading Pondicherry shoot :Day 3