Kannur Bike Ride

Life throws certain moments in to your life; we don’t always take the time to cherish those moments. We realize the value of such moments, only after they have passed. I learnt this from Rishna, but that’s another post.

This post is about a bike ride we (Dr. Anwar and I) took in the 1st week of April. Now what’s a bike ride got to do with life’s moments? I’ll tell you.  Anwarka was supposed to travel the next day but cancelled the trip to go visit an old patient of his at Mahe

Traveled these parts by four wheeler but not through two wheeler. This ride had lot of things involved , the Kannur highway stretch , to get Mark -II pollution test certification done, to have the front brake handle checked and to meet Alaka our friend .But the main purpose was to visit the patient who had been calling Anwarka to come and  meet him for some time now.


Our 1st stop was at the pollution testing center. While paying the fee at the counter I couldn’t help notice these two kiddy drawings, carefully placed under the glass on the countertop. I asked the owner whose art work were these? He proudly said that it was his son’s. The little artist comes direct from school to the center and waits for his Dad to drop him back at home- so this is his creative time waiting for his Dad to finish up business! I was taken back to nostalgic days of having Dee with and the days when I taught at Silvermount.


Striped in stripes

Next stop was the front brakes check up – all good ! and time to get a move on.



Breakfast on the way stopped at a local hotel.


Soon we were passing through the streets of Mahe , Though we were supposed to meet up with my friends patient at mahe , it seemed he  had been admitted to a Hospital at Thalassery , So heading on…



The ride was good, but the heat was beating down. By now it was almost 10 in the morning and yes summer was starting to show! One thing we needed to think about the next upcoming rides. We stopped for a glass of Lime Soda – was so refreshing and much needed, we had two glasses each!



We reached the Thalassery Hospital by 11:30 approx. On the way up to the room, Anwarka was saying how this patient had been calling him to come down visit. He had been a fighter, a real good one and has been holding on for so long. It was seems he was nearing last few days and soon at God’s will and time, will be leaving soon. I felt sense of guilt at that moment, we had so many stops on the way- questioned myself if we should have just got here direct.

A lady opened the door; there he was on the bed with a breathing apparatus next to him. My friend greeted him with a Salaam. They held hands. He was weak and occasionally removing the oxygen mask to mumble some words and Anwarka would nod slightly. I watched them, hands held, eyes locked. There seems to be a conversation happening between them, but a not single word was exchanged.


After about an hour or so we took leave and called up Alaka to inform we are headed over there and find out what she and her mum would like for lunch.


Heading on to Kanur.


Arakal Juma Masjid

Alaka mentioned she likes mussels, so we wanted to get some from the local fish market, so we were on the lookout for the local fish market, apparently there seem to be 2.

One near the harbour , where they were selling fresh fish , I hadn’t taken the Canon but still had the trusty old Nikon with me 🙂 . So clubbed with buying fish was a couple so so shots of the harbour .




Cranes:  “ok it’s about time you got here with the catch!! …where the heck where you?? We’ve been starving!! ”

More crane shots

We didn’t get any mussels from there so we scouted around for the other one, which was more in land. We had Google maps on but in trying to evade the busy traffic of Kanur town, we had taken some detours off the map in sheer gut feeling. That proved to be more than just a gut feeling, it was meant be lord behold! One of such turns took us right up to the 2nd market!! ..Alaka buddy! You are having mussels tonight ~!!!! 😀

We also got some fish to go along with it , Alaka and her mum could have a seafood feast that night !

Closer to her home we, stopped for a takeaway, Porata and chicken dishes – yeah the works! Nothing short for our friend Alaka 🙂 …ok I admit it we were hungry too, besides its kind

To be honest more than the hunger was the thirst, we had not given much thought in to the season and the heat I had full sleeve shirt on but Anwarka must have been roasting, had we been out much longer, we could have had “Anwar Ala Roast” along with the chicken.

As the last time we were here we had maze experience and the distinctive Kanur accent made it a riddle for us to find her place but this time we had a better sense, even then we had to give her a call though: P

Alaka served us the most refreshing Lime Juice ever .We were so tired and burnt out; we welcomed the offer to take quick shower and rest till the table was set for lunch.

Lunch was ready by the time we showered, and boy were we taken back!!


They had gotten all the preparation done; I mean the fish the mussels were all ready. For a minute there I even thought – did I spend that much time in the shower??? Alaka’s mum an expert cook !! now rephrased to an expert fast cook … man all the things they conjured up in the short time – boy ! was good eating ! Even Anwarka ate a lot ! we all sat down and had a feast !!! ..still amazes me how they got all that done in short period of time , I mean to me lunch was the takeaway we had gotten along the way there.
Rest of the day is blank , with our stomachs full and being tired from the ride , and now tired from eating , I took a short nap with a lots of snoring as Alaka mentioned, when I woke up due my own snoring!! 😛
Was time to hit the road again , we waited a bit more , the sun would be on his way back to sleep as we planned to cover the open highway in the evening .


Alaka’s collection of Red lucky seeds sits on a table top under a beam of sun ray


Snacks for tea but was too full to have much .

Sun setting down we pass by the Arakal museum

Must have been the weather, it was hot even after 5 in the evening, and we were thirsty Found this Juice place along the way –


I shall never forget to tell the guy not to  put Green Chilly in my “Kulki Sarbath ” !!!. For we ordered  Green apple mint . Caught in talking I forgot to tell the guy to hold the Chilly. I dipped the straw in and took a mouthful of juice and boy did fire bells ring in my mouth!!! Anwarka smartly had removed his Chilly !!!


Riding on:

Riding on …on a fiery belly and I don’t want to think how it will be when I attend to nature’s call  tomorrow morning – OUCH  !!

I had mentioned earlier, about taking the open highway. Well due to a temple festival happening about 10 km away, the road was blocked all the way up. SO it was a slow moving trail for a good deal of kilometers .


Some areas were ok as we were on a two wheeler, and we could kind of squeeze our way through, but some areas…..


was toooooo tight !

Ride turns meaningful and momentous: It was late by the time we got through the busy highway. We had stopped to offer the night prayers not far from Calicut. After the prayers, my friend tells me that the patient who we had visited in the morning passed away.
Anwarka got his moment and he took it, he had cancelled a trip to Kollam that day, to make it out there to visit his patient one last time.



Apparently the patient had passed away at 1:00 pm , I suppose were near the hospital around that time or making our way on to Kanur . I checked the info on the pic taken in front the hospital for the time – the one where Anwarka is talking to Alaka on the phone . It said 12:21pm . The patient had passed away close to 1 pm and Anwarka was the last person who had visited him .

Though the time for a ride was not the best of moments , time and weather wise , but that took us to be apart of a much more meaningful moment. I still remember how the hands held on , it was like that man was saying – thank you for coming , and thank you for taking care of me – this is goodbye. Anwarka had taken his moment , realized it and cherished it .