Chittar Ride – II


Took a second ride to Chittar , this time again was mainly for the fired fish, but also a treat from my side to two of my good friends Benet and Biju. We wanted to get together since I was to shift my residence , and be leaving soon .



Passing through the By pass



Last time we were on this ride, we had taken a route through the city, so Benet suggested that we take the straight highway this time. So took the Vizhinjam  Seaport route.




After  a few hours we had hit the town called Balaramapuram  – the border – heading out to karakonam , to pick up Biju  . Bennet wanted to show me the  colony of  Brahmin community – famous for hand loom textiles . So we did a detour,




The people at the community must have been curious as to what two guys on a two wheeler , with cameras in hands was doing  there -☺

Another few kms we were turning to Karakonam, on to Biju’s home .016



Resting for a while 🙂


Apparently Biju wasn’t at home, he had to run out on short notice, His father said we might catch him  at the junction. So we headed  out in hope to meet up  with him on the way  .



Managed to meet up Biju , just as his father said we would.



Closer to Chittar



Over the years this little hotel has gotten so much of good reviews that, this time it was packed! We also were a little late than the last time we had come here.





Goofing off trying to hold the hunger down 🙂

The local dialect and the simple amuses the lady who served food made brought smiles to all eating over there. She would jokingly tell that if you don’t completely finish up the rice on your banana leaf, then you’d have to pay a fine of 900 Rs, and that last year it was 350, but with all the GST and taxes, she had to increase the amount.




There was 2 gentlemen helping the hotel staff cut and peel up some tapioca – it was nice, later I came to know they were customers like us – Way to go guys! 🙂

We must have waited around a good 45 minutes to an hour or so. Finally, with Bennet securing a seat 1st. After a few minutes another seat was open and finally Biju also joined in.





Last time I didn’t get a good shot of her serving us food, but this time I managed to click a fairly decent one


Thick juicy fish severed fresh from the pan. I had two kinds this time, Bennet loved the chicken dish – Chicken Parat – locally called. I stuck with the fish fries!!

With the camera put away and concentrated on lunch, oh boy we were stuffed to our throat!! Holding on to our bellies while Biju shot a selfie!


After our hearts and bellies filled, we hung about the area just chatting away, it’s been a while since we all got together. The evening would set in soon, so we thought a short ride would be nice before tea break. Rode along the road up to the Dam, but as last time, the Dam part wasn’t that interesting for us, it was the more what lay around the Dam that was our interest. We rode out a bit to get some juice and then return back to the spot for shots


The sky had a nice blue tone and this time Bennet helped me set the white balance on my Canon to match more or less the Nikon’s tone. So as the photography buffs we are, we waited around for the golden light to fall in and try shots, we figured we ain’t gonna drive down here for this light in the near future. So we stayed on clicking. It’s been a while I had taken out the Canon too.





At this point Bennet helped me to set the white balance to a more nikonish tone – I still have to get the hang of it  though 🙂054




Photo credit : Bennet


We parked the two wheeler by the railing and walked down to the lake’s shore .





It was getting dark and was time to leave, had a bit of a ride back, Biju went on to his home, me and Benet we rode back through the city to our place. Was a fun day, we had after a long time. Probably be the last time I ride out here. I was to leave this part of Kerala to shift my residence within a few weeks. Thank you Benet and Biju for having accommodated my hectic schedules and timings. Taking time to from your end to make this a very memorable day 😃