Malappuram Mad Men-Road Trip

When Bob told me we are taking a road trip to Malappuram, I was thinking that Sudeesh might be bringing his Temp traveler or may be smaller SUV they might hire. But eye brows hit the roof when Bob said we were taking the Nano!!! …So begins the ‘Malappuram Mad men’

We started out at late night, Sudeesh being the head driver was fully charged and had enough sleep during the day, and ready to take on the night road .Got picked up at my place something around 8 ish and went to pick up Bob at Palm leaves. Packed in a few more things and by 9:30 we were off. The Nano band wagon roaring with Vishak’s exclusive collection of mixed wild men music!! . As Bob head banged in the front seat we pulled for up for some Gas (American lingo) – it isn’t the one irking out of our butts!!! Due to previous night’s tapioca!!! . In Indian terms – Petrol!!


Full tank and rearing to go, I could see someone’s made more than their expected margin today – Petrol guy smiling as he counts his collection for the day (above)

Sudeesh an expert water tank driver in the middle east took the wheels throughout the journey -Awesome dude!! . We stopped for some rest and refreshments at a local “Thatu Kada” ( roadside food shack )  , We had omelets and tea .

Bob drinking his Sulaimani and stretching out his legs a big .


Boys back from nature call


Me trying out some Silhouette shots


Sudheesh and Vishak

Back on the road!! with AC DC “High way to ….”

At home town: It was almost 4:00 in the morning when reached my home town , We had a quick Sulaimani at tea stall before we reached my place . We all went to bed to get some rest especially Sudeesh – , the guy drove straight throughout the night . The poor guy was so tired that he didn’t even want breakfast.


Bob was up and ready , goofing off in front of the camera


Me: Opps sorry Bob wasn’t focused!! ..Do that again!!


Bob: No! Now you can have my grouchy face!! …you amateur!!


After breakfast talking  with Dad and Bro


N003Taking a stroll around my Dad’s back yard , Remembering the good times Bob was here  years ago .


The neighbors cow looks up from the back yard field


Vishak getting close with Nature N005


Me: What’s the commotion there guys ?

Vishak: Come look !!


Wow a bee hive !!


Signature shadow shot – couldn’t resist!! 😛

We took stroll out to town, besides that Vishak had a tooth ache and wanted to get it checked out.

At the dentist: We waited for her to finish Vishak’s procedure. After that we strolled around town a bit. Bob picked a nice pair of shoes and even had a taste of Malappuram business courtesy, apparently when he paid for it there was miscalculation in the change that was handed back. The shop keeper having realized that came out running from the shop handed back the exact change to Bob apologizing, as they were pulling out of the parking lot. At least this is what I remember – Bob tells it better 🙂

Next Day : Sun rise at the paddy field behind our yard


Bobby lama taking in the neighborhood


So Sudeesh and Vishak asked about the teak museum at Nilambur , its about  1 hr. drive from our  place , So as an outing on a Sunday we decided to take a little trip.

1st stop Conolly’s Plot

Almost an hour drive and we reached Connolly’s plot –  is a huge plot that is 2.31 hectares in area, named after H.V. Connolly,  the collector of the region during the British rule. He played a main role in developing teak plantations all over the region around Nilambur. It is 2 km from the Nilambur town, located in a place called Vadapuram near the government timber depot of Nilambur.

The bobster hanging with V- Shacky boy  and Sudeesha !!!


One can see many monkeys along the way; they seem to be not that afraid of people, probably due the familiarity in seeing so many visitors to this place.

You look so good dude …and oh Bob and Vishak you look nice too :P…. (Kidding),

The hanging bridge crossing the Chaliyar river to Connolly’s Plot” it was constructed by Steel Industries Kerala Ltd .


Amazing view of the Chaliyar River on either side, the fourth largest river in Kerala which originates in the Western Ghats range at Elambalari Hills, Wayanad, Kerala.



That’s the nut and bolt that’s holding the entire bridge??? -Yeeessshhh!!



The biggest and the oldest one in the plot




After whistling (bob’s style), walking around and taking it easy – next stop Teak Museum , but not before ….

Tender coconut any one? Mr. Ashraf the cocoNUT specialist!!


2nd Stop : Teak Museum

“Forest grump!!” greeted us out side



Down at the teak museum



The Giant !!


Wow look at all the dates and events this one has been through… Man if it talks!!! Wow all the stories!!



Where there is teak? There is errr… butterflies?



Yo! brudda!! How’s it hanging!!


Large installations “Frogs play chess!!”


Back in the Nano to head back home


On the way some possibility of street shots

Though we thought of leaving on Monday morning, Sudeesh suggested we leave at night as it’s easier for him to drive – less traffic and all. We had dinner at this one particular restaurant famous at my home for “Kuzhi Mandhi”, an Arabic preparation. (See pic below). We hit the road late night.


Stop over at Alleppy odd time – but there was these “Thatu Kada” which catered to long distance travelers and truckers; we just took a break, had tea and stretched our legs


After walking about stretching the legs and taking some black tea it was time to get in to the Nano and head back


Boy everyone was tired by the time we reach back, Again at 4 in the morning, Sudeesh you are definitely the Best Driver 2017!! – To drive straight throughout the night back! We had fun the road trip ,the visit , also the bump at Cochin high way that send us flying ( err thank you Sudeesh!!.. 😛 ) ..Don’t worry buddy you still Driver 2017!! 😀

Bob thanks for taking the trip and visiting my place. One of the most memorable trips and that’s why it’s being featured here 🙂



Ok getting off now …oh and in case you are wondering – that thing prepped up against the seat with the pillow is Vishak by the way … 😛

Thanks guys ….until next time “Malappuram Mad Men “…. 😀

Did this mixed medium art work as a memorabilia for BOB to take back, with all 4 of our hand prints

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