Kochi-Muziris Biennale

This was my 1st Biennale, and boy was I excited about it. Anwar my friend, who had already been here a few weeks, told me I shouldn’t miss this. So one weekend headed out to Kollam, and from there we drove back to Kochi in his car.

We started out early morning, destination to Fort Kochi through Alleppy. Once there breakfast and then taking different route to fort Cochin. Needless to say Google maps came through for us.


Checking out the route that ran along the coastal belt straight to Fort Kochi without entering the main town at Ernakulum

Sun rises as we turn to the in roads of  Alleppy 009


Played around with golden hour for a while, I had not taken the Canon and couldn’t help but think wish I had. Anyhow  still had the Nikon. So couldn’t really complain.


At Aryaas – for breakfast


The breakfast wasn’t all that good as expected from a Pure Veg Restaurant. We move on, cross checking with Google maps about the new route that connects Alleppy and Fort Kochi.


At a railway crossing, along the road for the coastal belt drives. After driving through some narrow country side roads we hit up on the Andhakaranazhy beach


There seemed to be some sort of procession or gathering of locals at the beach.


Finally we arrived about 2.5 Km away from Fort Kochi, Google showed that we need to take the road ahead. So onward we went 🙂

It got us straight to the boat jetty area and where Biennale was being held. We were also lucky to find a parking spot at the harbor like area, among crates of yellow blue and orange, what I presume would contain fish, on any other day, that day being Sunday might have been closed.


At the Aspin wall building, we bought the entry tickets at the counter where they also hand us a brochure and a Map (yeah it covers a large area). It was my friends 2nd visit here, so he knew how and where to go, that helped us save a lot of time.

Biennale  starts



Talk about (below) out of the box art!!! .. I went in to see this exhibit without reading the description  outside , and kept wondering about almost life size photographs of  the lady and others displayed – Hmm they seemed odd – almost dead like – blew my mind to actually read the note on my way out !! Had to go back for a second look – now that is spooky out of the box creativity!!! (Below)

They had an area for young artists from a school or various schools I forget, couldn’t help miss my daughter and other students who I taught at Silvermount International School, a year back. There was one painting done by a girl named Diya! Reminded me how much my daughter used to love painting and art.


A play and mural art in an area that was kind of spooky, my mind raced back the dead models in the earlier exhibit.


My friend posing in front of a exhibits , He is actually looking at pictures of tomb  stones from an ancient era , I wish I had taken some photographs of the  photographs displayed , I suppose one spooky exhibit was enough for the day 😛

These (below) show case the ages of civilization like the medieval, industrial and modern eras depicted through characters from Hindu mythology

I didn’t get the description on this one but had a mesmerizing feel if you stayed and started at it for long enough.

This got my respect for the amazing patience and time they might have taken to create this. Rolled up scarp paper to create entire washroom!!!


There was this horizon view from one of the room’s ups stairs. I thought to myself – “This building Aspin Wall would have some historic stories to share had it had a chance.”

We took a break and came down for  tea and snacks

Continuing on, getting inspired and motivated with the art we took to the rest of the exhibits.

Another plight of stairs led us to some photographs from the past

Corridors throughout , in fact among all the exhibits we were getting a feel of the building itself , as mentioned earlier , I was trying to see how it must have been inside this building in the early years , perhaps per or post-Independence era .

This was all about steps and walks, so made Anwarka pose in front of it walking: P

Now, that is working out for entertainment, pedal power to run the TV!!

Black and White Photography section – My area of Interest!! 🙂

Puzzle room,  We just had too much  things to finish seeing , so we didn’t give this a try , besides it was really crowded

This was another out of the world experience – so they say , I didn’t find out as I had motion sickness kick in last time I tried VR  and from the looks of thing this lady wasn’t having a swell time either . I guess it’s supposed to leave you a bit bewildered!!

One room had these installations; I guess the artist had combined Physics and Art

This (below) is where the VR experience would end , an area filled with water to your knees. I was curious at this point and thought my self maybe I should give this a try. That was until I saw the 1st lady I had clicked  trying the VR, sitting head down on a chair by the side! She didn’t look like she had a good time.

This was interesting, how the Artist took to so simple details that set a world of thoughts and emotions.

Now that’s candid B&W’s that tells a story!! I was amazed at the way the photographer was able to capture these pictures, especially from that particular town – and trust me I know people from that part of Kerala!!  😛

This was (below) another mind blowing piece, a fictional installation out of cardboard!!

Antique room with things from the past

Close Illusion of movement and life is what I would say – Couldn’t help but have the animator in me aroused: P. What a way to look at still life in depicting motion.



Fiery as it may seem this sculpture is actually made of ICE .We walked in to the room and it was kind of cold inside and dark except light falling on the art piece. I voice out to my friend, Hmm what’s it made of ICE or WAX?  Instantly a voice from the dark corner of the room blurts out ICE!!! .. There was a volunteer sitting there – gave us a startle!!







A Large screen that gives a feeling that you are sitting by the waves ? Being a beach person I still take to the actual beach any day!



Time to wind up , there were more exhibits , I have only selected a few to post of which I thought had more of an inspiring and innovative angle , and off course needless to say which brought back fun memories 🙂


Went back to the cafe where we had out tea earlier and tired out some wraps , before we headed back .


All in all it was an amazingly inspiring and wonderful day, to have seen so many creative thoughts and ideas visually imparted through various creative and out of the box mediums and installations. Both of us agreed that to take it in all, we’ll need a weeks’ time. Unfortunately Biennale was winding up in a few days and we just didn’t have time on our hands to come back for a revisit.

We got out and walked around a bit, met a few friends Anwarka knew. By night fall we were driving back discussing on being a part of the next Biennale


Click on the image for scrap art page


Perhaps  next time I would like show case my scrap art here 🙂 –