Mark -II in bound

Got a contract project working at my former studio, so I needed have my own transportation there to commute, so decided to take Mark 2 (my Royal Enfield Electra 350) over there. This also would be a ride opportunity for me and my friend Anwar; we set off around at 3:00 pm on Saturday from my home. I took the 1st ride. We stopped for directions and rest about 24 Km, we wanted to slowly break it in, and we still had about 300 Km to cover, which would be breaking it in to 2 days, with a stopover at Cochin.


At Pattambi looking at Google Maps deciding which route to take


After Shoranur we took another  break


In front of road side helmet outlet it’s funny how they got that helmet hanging, a display for selling, them I guess


Having lemon soda

005006I try out some photo clicks of my friend while he attends calls 007

He took to the handle after the break. It was at Thrissur that I realized I hadn’t renewed the pollution test certificate for the vehicle. The net day being a Sunday it was doubtful if the pollution test centers might be open. Luckily on the Thrissur highway, we found one.



Having tea and snacks at a High way food joint. Ahead was Cochin, where we’d be staying over for the night. It was about 8 ish when we reached Cochin; the traffic was hectic due to the metro rail work going on.


We booked a room at a hotel and after refreshing up, took a stroll out to get some dinner. We both felt like having burgers and there was Chicking nearby.


Next morning:  Got ready around early and we were off around at 6:30


Taking the container route on to  Alleppy, Kollam and Trivandrum


Took turns riding 017018019

What misty morning? No! , apparently I did a video of a head on ride shot; there was condensation on the lens and sensors inside the camera!! . It cleared up after a few minutes




Our breakfast stop over, we had biscuits and tea!

Apparently there was major religious gathering happening in Alleppy and many devotees were moving up there, so most of the hotels along the route were packed. We found this bakery off the main road.

Shadow shot 026027028029030031

We were getting hungry and it was almost mid-day. So we thought we’d stop over at Haripad for some food.


Now this was the 1st time I noticed the ever so luck gut feeling my travelling buddy gets about food. We found this newly opened restaurant, where we thought would try our luck. Though their service was not that fast, the food was great!!


It was so new I think they forgot to remove the number marking on the coffee cups!!! Yeah I exactly knew that I was served coffee in cup number 15!


The husband and wife duo that ran the place, we asked a staff there to click our picture, He must have had a photographer in him, for he tired 15 different compositions and angles, I just picked this one as it had the hotel’s name at the background 🙂


A little away from Kollam, we took another break for fresh line soda

I felt strange at 1st looking at the road from this level, at the same time felt humble too. We sat there resting and talking about photography and philosophy, spirituality and life


Photo Credit:  Anwar Husain ( below ) , we even tried some shots .


042Passing over the Kollam bridge 043044

Passing through kollam 046047Onward to Kazhakuttom , 048

Stop over for tea at Attingal it was about 3:00 pm and I guess we would ride in to Kazhakuttom in about 45 minutes, after dropping by bob’s place.


Was one easy ride, this was fun and I got mark 2 over there. We decided to go on more rides in the future; my friend had to leave the same night back as he had work I had studio on Monday.