Day 9: Pondicherry to Tirunelveli

Morning I had planned walk the streets of Pondicherry and take some street shots, but a change in plans and route, we had to leave Pondi in the morning itself. Well I guess we’d come back for pictures another time, this time it was all about the ride 🙂


This was probably the best stay we ever had along the trip, the service and hospitality was nice, So I decided to do a little quick sketch for them,



and left in the folder they had in the room. We went down for the complimentary breakfast, had a good eating. I guess this was 1st time ever in the whole ride we actually ate before we started off.


I had help from the bell boy to bring the bags down, the guard and the bell boy was pretty friendly and helpful. We started off by 8 am, with google we charted the route , looking to go through Rajapalayam and then on to Kerala  probably the next day. We also thought along the way if we could find a shot cut, may be save us time.


Heading on south

This kid at the gas station was pretty curious at us taking turns to look at us, Reminded of me of my son and nephew.

Here is a similar Monument we saw when we entered Pondicherry, I can’t read Tamil. If any of you readers can tell me what that says on the structure, just leave it in the comments below – I’d appreciate that a lot – thanks in advance



Talk about carrying the load !


Sunday streets

We stopped over to check air pressure and a break to check our route, may be find a shorter route.


Beautiful green landscape along with way – reminded me of  home


This was fun bunch , carrying friends and cattle…all out on a Sunday drive (Pets perhaps)



The heat was getting to us , we had picked some juice bottles along the way and decided to take breaks often , Stopped to prayers here .


Now that’s something you don’t see very often long fan blades for windmills


 By afternoon we had cover almost half the way and it was time to attend the to the calling from our tummy  time to look for some grub !

We had some local Porathas at a highway hotel and rested before we moved further. By this time, we knew we will have to halt at Tirunelveli. I think riding out through night was off the question for both us.


The next stop we made was to check for directions and strangely enough we were welcomed by some cute friendly locals. These two were totally opposite to the dogs we encountered at Anantpur . I wished we had some snacks on us to feed them, but all we could give was a friendly pat on the head.


The sun was retiring, it has been a long ride, yet a wonderful and amazing trip, this was the last leg of the ride, Next day morning we’d be crossing over to Kerala and then back to the daily routine.


We checked in to a hotel at Tirunelveli, were we had good dinner and good sleep, next morning the last part of the ride, back to Kerala

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Day 8


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