Day 8: Tiruvallur to Pondicherry


We rolled out of MSK lodge at 7:00 am. We wanted to get the open high way the East Coast Road in the morning hours, it said it is one of the best route for a riding.



With sun rising up it seemed to a good day for ride and pictures, over the flyover and on to the road that connects us to EC Road.

Our Destination

Map 009.JPG


Anwarka had this gut feeling about spots where we’d take a break. While checking out the route, I took a short stroll capturing memories with clicks



Got some shots of  pelicans



Back on the road, the weather was nice, not too hot, and up above it was beautiful with white clouds carpeting against soothing blue sky.


Just after a few kilometers from that bend we were to have yet another best meal on this Ride. A small joint, very local with the outside dining facilities :). They severed the best fresh “Vadas” !! that I have had in a long time.




I think we must have lost count of the Idlies and Vadas we ate that morning, the couple who ran the joint were courteous enough to get us fresh water bottles, 7 up and tea from the local store nearby, – good customer service! 🙂


Now we had taken it easy along till now, Anwarka had a workshop to attend to which was schedule at 2:00 pm, so we had get a move on.


Starting off again, noticed a few Asian cyclists, ok now that’s something I have to plan in the future: P


Passing over the palar  bridge near Vittalapuram

Continuing on the ECR, we pass by the Odhiyur lake, the sky just got better with blue above and blue below.


And after about 12 kms or so we are over yet another bridge over the Buckingham Canal




Salt Harvesting Fields along the way



We are almost there  16 km to Pondicherry –


It must have been close to 12:00 pm when we entered the city of Pondicherry, I had to put the camera aside to help navigate our way to Hotel Adhiti, where accommodation was arranged for us 🙂



All along the trip I had taken many to the shots in Black and White with Raw format, At the end of the ride for the day I clicked this image without Raw and unfortunately don’t have it in color.


As I took Mark – II down to the parking lot in the basement, I got feel that it was all shaky and wobbly, something that I felt at Hyderabad was with the brakes being a bit sticky and squeaky. I need to have it checked. We were at the last key destination of our trip, and we still had good deal of Kilometers to cover for the ride back. So it was imperative that I needed to check it out. Pondicherry is place where bikers often flow and I am sure there are good mechanics around. Once we settled in and rest I will take a look in to this.  We were to ride out tomorrow afternoon tomorrow being a Sunday was not sure how many service places would be open. Any way let’s see …now lunch and to get some rest

After a good rest and I think I over did it a little, I woke up at 6:00 pm!! The 1st thing on my mind was to get Mark -II checked up. I googled the best bullet mechanics in pondi, two names came up. I chose the 1st one Lakshmi Royal Enfield workshop. Google maps showed that it was not far from the Hotel, I called them up and described what I wanted to get done on the vehicle, they said I’d better get there sooner, in case any parts needed replacements, better before the shops close.

I have to tell you Pondicherry Traffic is the worst, added to that I had some trouble with the directions and I kept on going around in circles as each time the directions got rerouted. After almost an hour trying to find the place, passing through residential areas and narrow passages not getting anywhere, I had even tried calling   the place up several times and the times they picked up, didn’t do any help as the person attending the call had difficulty understanding English, and if I did try the little Tamil I knew, it would have made matters worse! I even asked the locals for Lakshmi Royal Enfield workshop, no one knew. Finally, just when I was about give up. I thought I’d ask some Auto rickshaw drivers, same answer ” Theriyathu” (don’t know), then suddenly I rephrased the question, I asked is there anyone who fixes” bullets ” here. and Lord be hold, the magic word was Bullet! ” Ah! yes it’s just nearby! cross that street between the building. 2 nd crossing next to a vegetable shop!! “The place was inside a residential aera (who would have ever thought a workshop would be put up among residential buildings, it also was an area I had already passed 2 times!!! Luckily they had not closed it was almost 8:30.

The Lakshmi Royal Enfield Work shop



Ganga and Mani

Managed and owned by 2 cousins, with the younger one being a Mechanical Engineering student named Ganga and his cousin older to him a veteran on the old and generation bullets, named Mani. Both having a passion for restoration and modifications.  Mani was quick to diagnose the problem. New brake shoes! He took Mark II to get replacements while I got dropped off at the nearby ATM and walked back to wait for Mani. After 30 minutes or so Mani was back and began working on Mark –II


Ganga shared  many stories about restoration and its process, while showing me pictures of all the works they had done from his smart phone. Occasionally Mani would chime in Tamil some maintenance tips and Ganga would translate it for me.



Once the brakes were fixed, Mani went around all over the bike tightening and check any loose nuts or bolts, it was almost around 10 by the time Mark -II was ready. I took a check ride .and boy did it feel good! If you are at Pondicherry and need any help with your bullet. I would highly recommend them, I bid the them good bye and left for the hotel.



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