Day 5 : Blue moon to Hyderabad


Morning revealed the hotel had nice garden and a Restaurant. It was on the high way with the back side open to large areas of land stretching across as far as the eyes can see. Riding to Hyderabad had another purpose, I wanted to meet an old school friend of mine who I had been in touch with on and off.

 It was almost 8 when we checked out of the hotel, we really needed the rest (after last night’s incident). Blue moon is a nice place for a short stay, the layout and the rooms are good, but I personally think the service can be bit better. They seemed to have a nice restaurant but we decided to ride out and catch breakfast along the way.


It was interesting to see the auto rickshaws here have a back seating facility. Where I come from I think this would be fined by a traffic cop. I found out this is common in these parts as we rode in to more towns along the way.


308 Km to Hyderabad


Open highway


Mark-II makes it to 12,000 KM


Stopped for fuel

After that we were on the road again


We had to wade through some “trailer herds ” but made it!  and few kms ahead and we would have brunch!


Brunch – One of best Jeera Rice I have ever tasted . Hotel Runway- a few kilometers after Kurnool

We stopped for prayers and since the Mosque was locked we prayed out side 🙂


Positive Reflection :

My friend was a much more seasoned traveler than me, and he complimented me on my riding saying that ” I was one of the most careful and steady rider he has been with ” along with the compliment he also gave a tip on how to overtake safely on the Highway. I knew I must have made a few errors (nothing dangerous) though. but I liked the way he put in the point. It’s very common for all to snap at the 1st sign of a mistake not considering that there might have been good points to appreciate. It’s all in how you present it.

Ok now after that short positive reflection, let’s get back on the road 🙂

Next stop was about an hour at a very friendly and comfortable coffee 24×7 cafe in Food Pyramid at Kothakota,



Prasad at Food Pyramid

The break at Food Pyramid was very refreshing, the staff their Mr. Prasad was one extremely jovial character, my friend had a cold coffee and I had my age old blend of 7 up with a few pinches of ‘Salt’!

We had a good rest, refreshed ourselves and started on, few more klicks to Hyderabad




Stopped for photographs and a short break


almost there

103 a

I thought this was interesting .

103 b

The sun was setting at the back and I had put the camera away as I had guide my friend with the directions I get from Google Maps through the city, and boy were riding in to the peak hours of traffic just as my friend at Hyderabad had warned me about.


I wonder what that building that looks like a fish is about – May be next time I am here I’d find out


It was almost 6 pm as we rode in to Hyderabad, there was a sense of accomplishment as this was marked on our list as a key destination. Anwarka had his college friends here, I was to meet my child hood friend / school mate and it had been a very long time since we had met, so this was something as exciting as the ride itself.


After the ride everyone who I had mentioned about Hyderabad – has asked me about the Famous Hyderabad Biriyani. No, we did not taste it, but we sure tasted ” Hyderabadi Traffic “, we must have got held in traffic for more than 2 hours – and it was almost 8:00 pm by the time we unloaded our gear at my Anwarka’s friends place.

Map 007


day 4 incident copy-002

Day 4