Day 4 : Mananthavady to Blue moon

We spend the night at the Asbe tourist home, but if you really want to good rooms to rest, don’t compromise on the money. This is something we learnt.  Anyhow, we started out from there around at 6:30 am, wanted to pass through Madikeri and then heading on to Hyderabad.


Ride through the Rajiv Gandhi National park t and over to the state of Karnataka was awesome. We weren’t lucky enough to see any wild animals other than a herd of deer, but may we were lucky not to run in to any   large   Tuskers from a herd of Elephants !! 🙂



Was a beautiful ride in the morning


Forest region ends

The landscape changed as we passed on from forest region to villages and then to cultivation lands.


Initial plan was to just pass through Madikeri, but Google maps showed us that we could move straight on to Hyderabad, one of our key destinations in the route there by saving more time. So we dropped   Madikeri.

We stopped for a break, talked a bit, I re did the rear seat, bullet is one good bike for the long trip but the rear seat is a wee bit too hard for long ride, so had carried a form pillow. This went in to an empty back pack, which turned in to a comfy rear seat. We were getting a bit hungry so we pushed on in the hope of finding some good joint grab some grub.


Stop Sheep Crossing


At a place called Pakshirajapuram we fueled our bellies for brunch  , with actually traditional Kerala cuisine !! – Puttu and Kerala Poratta !! at the Family Green’s Restaurant at Pakshirajapura,



Was run by two young camera shy guys from the north of Kerala I think from Kanur   Hmmm I forget their names. The food was tasty, either that or we were pretty hungry.


After brunch, we rode for a bit more till we reached Hunsur .We took a bit of a long break as  we waited for the mobile connectivity  to regain service again, it had cut out on while were riding through the off roads.  We needed to re check the route, probably reroute to save time and day.

Story  shot :  The Cycle under the Tree :




 The photographers kick … creeping in

The sun was really glaring down, and when we found a nice cool shade near a coconut grove, we just had to rest the backs and the wheels.



After getting some good rest it was time to ride again .

It was getting close to evening, we were heading for Hyderabad, was doubtful if we will make it today, any way we rode till dusk.


We needed to get to Kunigal , and from there to Tumkur .075

Riding through Kunigal


 Coffee and tea break



As the sun set so did the images, then it meant enjoying the coolness of the night and the slow and easy ride, we kind of decided to push it a bit, on just this one stretch so that we could cover a few more kilometers before reaching Hyderabad.


day 4 incident copy-002

Day 4: Anantapur Incident