Day 4: Anantapur Incident

Looking back now, I realize that, what sort of danger we were in …. trying to make it to Hyderabad at night proved to be a very bad decision, we learnt many things on this trip, and this might be the most important one among all –

It was in the wee hours of the night, we were tired and also wanted to eat. Google told us the next town was Anantapur, seemed like a fairly large town. We were hoping to get something to eat there, but we were in for a surprise and hard lesson. For starters we missed the town by some kilometers on the highway. Looking at Google Maps noticed that we had missed the exit, the next town was way too far, so we rerouted heading back to Anantapur, trying to locate a place to eat, we asked a local cop. He said we’d get food near the Bus Station, and gave us directions that wasn’t quite clear. Didn’t bother much about it as we took pride in Google showing us the way, all we had to do was to punch in the location bus terminal and listen to her calm voice navigate us to the place. So after google gave me directions and I repeated out my friend, left, right, at 200 kilometers slide left, at 100 meters turn right. We followed the instructions by the book but ended up under construction site of an over bridge and with all sand on the road (slippery)!!! … no matter how many times google rerouted us we always ended up everywhere but the Bus terminal. Then it dawned on us the town was under a major renovation and possibility of finding the place seemed very slim. One of the reroutes found ourselves entering a very tight and close nit urban street with many houses and dogs !!!, street dogs to be precise!!!  We took a turn to one alley and there they were a whole pack of them. I guess the alpha male stood up barking – pointed ears, glaring teeth and all … next thing you know you are driving in to a whole pack of razor sharp drooling teeth, loud barks and snaps! one almost took chunk of my right calf muscles, that’s probably the time I knew I could really raise my leg up high above my friend’s shoulders! Talk about flexibility and motivation.!!!!

day 4 incident post-001

If that wasn’t enough, escaping from one pack led to another pack. We must have run in to at least 4 packs in that short period of time. With last one, a dog almost jumped on to the front of the bike. Luckily we were about set ourselves free and catch the main road and then on to the highway, we had our bellies filled with fear and adrenaline juice!

we stopped on one of the flyovers and had small snacks with we had carried with us. Another lesson learned – carry something to eat (candy, chocolate biscuits) !!!…

We rode for about an hour or less and we reached at the BLUE MOON high way motel near Gooty. Tired and shaken, reminiscing from our recent experience and learning curve, both of us dozed off in to slumber land.



  Day 4 : Mananthavady to Blue moon