Day 2: From Thrissur To Perintalmanna

Hotel Gokulam Residency, was sheer luck! The Rooms were really good considering the price. Though we chose a non ac room, the coolness of the night was soothing enough to give us a good night’s rest


All packed up and ready to ride out   017



Entering Thrissur, we decided to keep off the main town area and by pass our way from the famous Thrissur round about, heading on straight to Kunamkulam Road



Among the thump of mark -II was another familiar sound, the sound of hunger pangs, we needed to fuel ourselves. so we pulled over at a – ” Thatu Kada ” locally termed for the road side eateries serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Meet Mr. Ramu, a cook with vision –  his vision? To renovate his eatery in to a one of a kind special food place – I asked him what his specialty would be in his new cafe, to which he said with huge grin “its surprise” !! :D, well whatever it is I wish him the best and he definitely has the zeal for it .  Enough chatter, sat down to have some hot steaming Idlies and Vadas ( Indian spicy dough nuts  ) !


A quick glance over the morning news (just to make sure there are no Hartals or strikes along the way !!)  The two young guys ( with the back packs )  in the 2nd pic (right) were freelance photographers, they came up to talk with much adoration in their voices, they were curious as to know where we were headed, my friend initially said as long as where the road takes us !! 🙂 From their expression I could see their adoration hit the roof! we talked about cameras (all of us being photography buffs) and after a little more chit chat with Ramu – thanked him for the wonderful food and wished him luck with, Ramu’s cafe and we rode out.


Moving on through Kunamkullam, we started experiencing some chain rattle, then there was vibration other than normal on the foot rest, like something was rubbing against something. I needed to get it checked. I knew a mechanic who is an expert with Bullets having his own service exclusively for Royal Enfields  at Malappuram .I would be reaching  there in about a 2 hours or less , so will have him look in to it .

We passed by some out of town traffic from the jungle! I thought there was a law against walking these magnificent creatures on the roads. However, it is still an amazing site.


It’s been good and easy ride till now, passing through certain areas, couldn’t help miss my children, they would have loved this. I have been through these parts many times yet this time it was different in some ways, I suppose the feeling of a long journey or how far we had come and yet, how far we had to go made the difference.

We had a slight change in plans then, we decide to part ways for some time, my friend was to take a bus and head on to Calicut to meet his family, and get his camera and other gear. While I continued on to Malappuram to get Mark – II serviced up.

Taking a break at Valancherry



Took a tea break at another local place at Valancherry, we freshened up a bit, had the black tea, sat around for a while – discussed plans and Anwarka met an old acquaintance, from his former days practicing in these parts of Kerala, amazing how the places can be so vast and yet so small   and yes!  forgot to mention –  Anwarka is a medical doctor  🙂


” Yes one of the most unlikely doctors – you will ever come across ‘ – 🙂

So dropping off my friend at the bus stop, I headed out to my folk’s home about 24 km away from Valancherry, I didn’t stop much in between as Mark – II ‘s chain was rattling way too much. The day was a Sunday and none of the local bike mechanics would be open, so I just wanted get through the stretch home.



Finally made it! was a surprise for my family, but my brother who knows me just a bit too well, had a hunch that I might be coming home on a 2 wheeler 🙂

Map 003



Day 3 : Perintalmanna to Mananthavady